Need an energetic and modern keynote speaker, coach or trainer who can inspire
and transform your team or audience?
 I’m passionate about motivational speaking & training and eager to help new audiences reach their full potential. 

I specialize in Leadership, High Performance, Productivity and Focus Techniques based on Neuroscience.


  • Women Leadership

  • Generational (Gen Y, Gen X, Baby Boomer) Leadership

  • Unleashing The Female Brain For Success (An advanced training for women and men)

  • Brain-Based Leadership (NeuroLeadership) Training

  • Executive Leadership/Coaching

Success Training

  • Employee Productivity, Engagement, Training & Development

  • Optimizing Student Learning & Success w/The Brain in Mind

  • Power Brain Talk + Lunch & Learn

  • Unleashing The Entrepreneur Brain For Success

  • The Business Brain & Success

  •  The Cognitive Power of Diversity & Inclusion

  • The Neuroscience of Biases & Real-World Strategies to Overcome Them

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