About ShontÉ

Our culture is shifting.
People want more purpose and influence throughout their lives and organizations.  Most of us know deep down that there is a way to be more effective without stepping on anyone else to get there.

My purpose is to RE-introduce you to your mind and brain so that you can reach individual and organizational heights beyond your vision.

This is for the BRAVE-MINDED.  The ones that know you need to do something at a much deeper level to shift from the old way of thinking to new and innovative ways of reaching higher levels.

It is only when we are operating at our highest levels that our missions become aligned.  The understanding of the brain allows us to be highly productive, focused, and creative allowing individuals and organizations to soar.

I am a UCLA Neuroscience graduate with over 15 years of graduate level brain research and industrial and organizational training.

I now train ambitious people to use the brain intentionally and powerfully to reach their highest level of human potential. When the brain is in its EMPOWERED states,  people can better reach success in their personal, professional, and business lives.

I know people.  I know brains.  I can’t wait to help you optimize your brain and ultimately your relationships, your businesses, and your organizations.
Potential.  Let’s tap it…Together…