The OptiMind LIVE Professional Growth Conference Conference 

Are you a modern thinker, leader and innovator ready to accelerate your coaching, leadership, workforce and business growth with the most advanced brain-based strategies?
You're invited to the OptiMind Professional Growth Conference!! Nov.1-3 in San José, CA (Silicon Valley).

Neuroscience-based strategies can BOOST your brain power for creativity, productivity, focus, communication, mental health and wellness, emotional management, leadership, foresight on trends, and organizational innovation.

Join us as we bring together industry thought leaders and key influencers together to optimize every point of the mind and brain to empower every stage of your personal and professional growth. Interested??



Welcome!  My name is Shonté Jovan Taylor.  

Neuroscientist. Thought Leader. Success Trainer & Catalyst. Futurist.

My mission is to empower 100 MILLION people to use their minds and brains better to operate at the highest levels of themselves in their personal, professional and business lives.